Conference Programme

February 9th, 2012  |  Published in *

4pm: Conference Attendees Arrival & Registration for Panel 1

4:45-5:00: Keynote Speaker

5:00-6:00:Panel 1 – Amateur vs. Professional

  • How do we define quality content?
  • Are digital developments blurring the lines between the amateur and the professional?
  • Is creative content being suppressed by conventional attitudes?


6pm: Refreshments Break & Registration for Panel 2


6:40-6:55: Keynote Speaker

Macmillan Student Achievement Prize 2010/11


6:55-7:55: Panel 2 – The Impact of Self-Publishing on the Industry

  • What are the impacts of Self-Publishing on the traditional publishing model? Can publishing houses look towards embracing and working alongside self-publishers? 
  • Self-published work cannot guarantee commercial success, is it only useful for predominantly targeting a niche market/audience?
  •  Self-publishing is an alternative option for aspiring authors, will the use of digital platforms such as social media and desktop self-publishing tools replace the publisher as the ‘value adders’?



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