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February 8th, 2012  |  Published in The Annual Publishing Innovation Conference: March 8th 4pm - 8pm


The concept behind iGeneration signifies the development of self-publishing and the advancements of digital technology.

Recent developments have made it possible for authors, artists and other creators to successfully produce, market and distribute their works.

The decision to self-publish has often been considered the last resort of those rejected by an established publishing house. However, the growing trend for self-publishing has yielded positive results for an increasing number of authors, including Amanda Hocking, GP Taylor, John Locke and Kerry Wilkinson and several bloggers across different industries such as fashion, photography and politics.

The conference will explore the value of self-published work, and whether the publishing industry can work in conjunction with self-publishers.

With the aid of social media platforms and self-publishing desktop tools (such as Pages, ePub, Calibre and InDesign), authors are inspired to distribute their content, spawning a new generation of self-publishers – iGeneration.

In two live panel debates these issues will be discussed by authors as well as publishers, covering both the book, magazine, and digital area of publishing.

Some questions that may be considered:

  • How will the self-publishing model affect the traditional publishing model?
  • Should the Publishing Industry embrace self-publishing or are they more lucrative as separate entities?
  • Are self-published writers/artists to be consdidered amateurs or professionals?How do we distinguish between the two?

Podium Lecture Theatre – London College of Communication

Thursday 8th March 2012

4 PM – 8 PM

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