In PANEL 1, THIS IS NOT___ will be exploring the idea that there is no longer one way to produce content. With the digital tools available to us, basic concepts that publishers have relied on are starting to disappear. Digital books and magazines free us from the physical limitations of the page, and innovators are taking advantage of this. Without those physical limitations, we are developing a whole new type of content that doesn’t fit into traditional publishing terms. It seems that the titles of author, editor, designer and reader are becoming irrelevant. The lines are blurring and we are all becoming content producers.


As digital books and magazines incorporate video, audio and other interactive elements are we moving away from separate forms of content and towards multi-media storytelling instead?

With digital content, do traditional roles and job titles still exist? Are the lines between author, editor, designer and reader blurring? Are publishers slowly becoming producers?

How does the way we create content change with digital platforms? What does it mean to be an author? Are our definitions of narrative, story and plot changing?



In PANEL 2, the speakers at THIS IS NOT___ will discuss the different ways in which content is adapted to different platforms. There are plenty of publications that are now entirely digital while other creators remain completely committed to print. Similarly, THIS IS NOT___ will explore the consumer trends that are driving these changes.


Why is some content specifically correlated to the medium through which it’s conveyed? How is content adapted to the platform?

Why are some content creators opting to go entirely digital? Why are some committed to print?

How are consumers using different platforms? What do they prefer? What is the future for digital content and consumers?