Workshops – FULL ***

In between the panels, THIS IS NOT___  will be running interactive workshops.  There are four workshops to choose from and you may attend a maximum of two – subject to availability.  The first will begin at 5:30 and the second at 6:15.  You are welcome to join in; when you register please indicate which ones you would like to attend. By letting us know which you’re interested in attending when you register, we will do our best to assess and accommodate demands.


Workshop 1 – Inklewriter Studio FULL

By registering for this workshop, you will get a chance to use the Inklewriter app.  Led by Jon Ingold, this workshop is suited to those who enjoy creative writing and are prepared to try an inspirational new approach.  Create responsive fiction like the Frankenstein App by branching your story with different narrative choices for your readers.  Then link those stories back together as it keeps track of which narratives are finished and which still need to be completed.  When you’re done, you can share your story with whoever you like! So come prepared with plenty of ideas, characters and plot twists!


Workshop 2: iPad publication in 25 minutes FULL

There are many ways to create and publish content for iPads, from ‘replica’ publications to fully-native interactive creations. This workshop will take attendees through the process of laying out a short article with iPad-native interactive elements, ending in previewing the work in an iPad simulator. Yes, all within 25 minutes. Basic familiarity with desktop publishing tools will be assumed.  Our thanks to Keith Martin for facilitating this workshop.


Workshop 3: Mini-debate Digital Content and Copyright FULL

Digital Content and Copyright Debate: This debate will be focused around copyright and digital content. Structured in a relaxed and informal manner some key issues that will be discussed include: What does copyright mean within this digital context? How do publishers cope with copyright infringement by users? Are users aware of infringement? If so, how can we control it? Are copyright terms changing? How so? Is copyright relevant for digital content or has it become out-dated? How can copyright hamper creativity? Sign up and contribute your ideas!


Workshop 4: Mini-debate Digital Economics FULL

Digital Economics: This debate will focus around the economics of publishing. Structured in a relaxed and informal environment, some of the key issues that will be discussed include: What are the economics of publishing? (Brief explanation) The issue of free content uploaded online (i.e. WordPress, Facebook, comments, etc.) How do industry people benefit from content from consumers? Are consumers now producers? And if so, should they get paid? Have some recognition?


*** Although workshops are now full, we will try to accommodate anyone who did not get a chance to register on the day of the event.