triangleanglePublishing Innovation Conference 2014

The 10th annual Publishing Innovation Conference takes place at London College of Communication on the 13th of March 2014.

Organised by MA Publishing students and sponsored by Macmillan, the conference brings together renowned industry professionals, alumni and students for an evening of presentations, discussions and debates.

The publishing industry has been facing many challenges with the growth of technology, especially with the increasing range of options and choices for publishers and consumers.

The ‘publishing package’ is the heart of the Publishing Innovation Conference 2014. Panelists will explore the topics of content creation, consumption and costs based on their experience and their ideas for the future.


“Huge changes, driven by both customer needs and advances in technology, are taking place in the publishing industry. New disciplines must be learned, new techniques must be taken up and developed and new delivery mechanisms must be explored in the digital space we now all occupy. The subject you have chosen for your conference is topical and relevant. We need that imagination and those fresh ideas. Innovate and have fun.”

Annette Thomas, CEO of Macmillan Science and Education