Since 2005, the Publishing Innovation Conference has brought together industry professionals, students and alumni to debate current issues and challenges that the publishing industry is facing.

Over the years, many industry professionals and insiders have joined us to share their views and thoughts on these issues. Previous conferences featured speakers such as Andy Cowles (IPC Media), Nigel Marsh (Faber & Faber),  Joe Pickering (Penguin Books UK) and Liam Keating (Condé Nast).

For more information on past topics and speakers, please visit the past conferences’ websites.


2013: ThIS IS NOT_

THIS IS NOT___ set out to challenge preconceived ideas of professional roles and traditional platforms. It focused on content, creativity and the blurring boundaries of the industry.

2012: iGeneration

The conference explored the value of self-published work and whether the publishing industry can work in conjunction with self-publishers.

2011: Page Against the Machine 

Panelists at Page Against The Machine looked at ways of integrating content and community to multi-platform publishing.

2010: Free or Fee 

2009: CRUNch time 

2008: Still reading

2007: Lean and Green (No website)

2006: The Right to Publish (no website)

2005: Innovation and Diversity (no website)