Hack hour

Hackathons or Hack Days have their origins in software development and are an established collaborative problem-solving exercise.
What is it?
People with distinct skill sets and expertise come together and work in teams towards a unified goal. Different individual experiences provide insights and creative ways in approaching issues. Hack Days are a fun way to brainstorm collaboratively and come up with quick solutions and meet some brilliant people in the process.
During the conference
Usually a day long, we have decided to transform the format into an hour-long exercise in order to create a dynamic activity-filled process. We want to give you the opportunity to bring your real life experiences and issues that you have faced in the publishing environment with those who may be able to bring new ideas to the table.
And after?
The results of all workshops will be presented at the end of the Hack Hour and later displayed at LCC’s Typo Cafe during the networking event that closes conference.
With who?
Nikki SimpsonChris PhinSarer ScotthorneKen Jones
Lisa Rahman


Nikki Simpson
How do you convince publishers to invest in new talent?
Chris Phin
“DC Thomson Media is exploring opportunities to engage with and amplify the voices of this emerging politically motivated youth group, but we would like to talk more with and about this potential audience, how we can serve it, and what appetite it has for some of the novel monetisation opportunities we're considering.”
Sarer Scotthorne
How to connect with a wider audience while maintaining ethical standards?
Ken Jones
In what ways and to what extent should we allow readers to share published content?
Lisa Rahman
A Creative workshop.
The purpose of this workshop is to discover new ways to problem solve quickly away from a computer screen. You will be tasked with a set of short briefs and all materials will be provided. 
Lisa says: ‘with digital consumption being such a big part of the way we consume information, this workshop challenges participants to step away from their screens and be reminded of the importance of play, making mistakes and working collaboratively’’

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